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Pup Tug

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Can your dog beat the Pup Tug?!

Enjoy endless hours of fun with your pup while giving their teeth the attention they deserve! The Pup Tug is an entertaining way to clean your dog's teeth – with strong enough resistance to really give them a workout. Who says brushing can't be fun?

STRONG RESISTANCE: The Pup Tug is so strong that we will give you $10 if your dog can pull it off the ground.

CLEAN YOUR DOG'S TEETH: Our new ball design has bristles that will help clean your dog's teeth as they bite down on the ball and tug away!

ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT: Are you afraid your dog is bored when you are at work? Keep your dog busy for hours even when you are not there with our new toy. Your dog will LOVE their new Pup Tug and you will never worry about them being bored again. 

TEACH APPROPRIATE CHEWING BEHAVIOUR: Does your pup chew and destroy things around your house?! Well the Pup Tug will give them something else to chew on and distract them from destroying things around the house!

RELEASE EXTRA ENERGY: The Pup Tug's strong resistance will be sure to release all of your dog's pent up energy and release their aggressive behaviours. It is the perfect choice for energetic pups!

TRAIN YOUR PUP MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY: Your pup's new toy will not only train them physically, but it will also test them mentally to see if they can figure out how to WIN against the Pup Tug!

      #Puptugchallenge: Direct message @pup.republic a video on Instagram of your dog pulling the Pup Tug off the ground and we will give you $10 off your next purchase!


      If you're wondering which size Pup Tug is best for your pup, we recommend the Blue/Green – Small Pup Tug for small dogs under 24 lbs/10 kg, while the other sizes can be used by medium and large dogs over 25 lbs/11 kg.

      To ensure the best suction stick the Pup Tug onto a clean, smooth surface since dirt and dust can reduce the effecitveness of the suction cup. Putting a bit of water on the suction cup before sticking it to the ground will also help. If you're using the Pup Tug on the floor, try stepping on the suction cup.

      The Pup Tug Challenge is a fun and interactive way to play with your furry friend while putting their strength to the test! To beat the Pup Tug, your pup must pull the rope/ball until the suction cup pops off the ground.

      If you're up for the challenge, film your pup successfully pulling the Pup Tug off the ground and direct message the video to our Instagram account @pup.republic and we'll give you $10 OFF your next purchase!